I made this game for Minijam 75:Wisdom. The theme for the jam was "Wisdom" with a limitation that "weight must be a mechanic." For the theme there a story about a monk training under the guidance or an elder sage. After each lesson, the elder either gives the monk some "sage advice" or insults him. Results are based on how well you follow the elders instructions. For the limitation, the game was made as a platformer using various concepts of pushing boxes and jumping through levels of floating platforms that fall once the monk lands on them.

For this jam I wanted to learn a simple dialogue system. So there is an intermission between stages where the elder is giving advice/instructions to the monk. I tried to keep the dialogue run time under 30 seconds. That may have been too short for a few of the later scenes.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did making it. 

To make this game I used the following tools.

Game Engine - Construct 3

Game Art - Aseprite

Music - Rytmik Ultimate

Soundfx - Jsfxr


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Also, why can't we short press space for a short jump

It is sometimes hard to jump on things and you unintentionally get damage.

I am not sure if this was intentional but you can control floating platformers with arrow keys.

No it wasn't. I forgot to turn off default controlls on the platforms. It will be fixed.