RIMSHOT is a small boss rush game made for VIMJAM2. In RIMSHOT you fly your spaceship around the edge of a black-hole where giant alien kaiju are entering our universe. Can you save our universe from the terrors of the unknown?

The jam had a focus of "BOSS" and a theme  of "ON THE EDGE."

To implement the focus, we made a boss rush game. To implement the theme, we used 2 methods. 1. Your ship is tethered the edge of a black-hole. 2. The closer to the edge of destruction that your ship is, the more bullets the ship fires, and at a faster rate of fire as well. 

HOW TO PLAY - There are instruction in game if you don't want to continue readying.

CONTROLS - use A & D or Left and Right Arrow keys to move around the edge of the black-hole. Use Spacebar to shoot the ships cannons, you can hold it down.

GAME-PLAY = There are 3 bosses of increasing difficulty. After defeating a boss, you can choose a power-up to assist you in the next battle. Use it wisely, and you only get to use it once. 

This game was made by clonethirteen and Spacespy. You can find links to our pages below. To make the game we used Construct 3, Aseprite, FL Studio, Splice, Jsfxr.

https://clonethirteen.itch.io/   https://twitter.com/_clonethirteen

https://spacespy64.itch.io/       https://twitter.com/spacespy_tv

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsclonethirteen, Spacespy
GenreShooter, Action
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, challenging, Space


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Nice art and music! Couple things i'd like to see tho; volume slider (music's a little loud) and some kinda flash effect when you hit something, cause for the first couple minutes i wasn't sure if i was supposed to hit it or just dodge its attacks. Boss health bar would be nice too just to see how close you're to defeating it. No other complaints and these are just my opinions so.. :) Second attempt felt way better. Good luck in the jam!


Thanks for playing the game. I think the volume slider is a bit out of our wheel house. As for the flash and boss hp bar, these were things on out list that we wanted, we just ran out time to implement extra features. Thanks for the play and rate ItsGeppy.