Gameplay made in 3 hours for Trijam #122.  Menus were made afterwards. 

Theme - Transformation/Micro-things

Controls - Move: A & D ; Jump: SPACE 

In this game the dinosaur apocalypse has began and you play a young pogchompersaurus (yes i made-up a dinosaur just so i could say pogchomp) whose only concern is eating more pogs (eggs). Eat as many pogs as you can before the asteroids destroy the world. Share how may you are in the comments.

Thanks for playing and Enjoy!


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i got 51

(1 edit) (+1)



lol, pogchomp.


Pretty good game I got a 46



i played twice and got a comfortable 42 and 49


Awesome, it seems 45-50 is what everyone is gettting.


after about a score of 30 its really hard to play bc the cam doesnt stop shaking and after 50 its impossible to get more bc everything is destroyes

still super cool graphics and i love the menu its super cool 

great game

Yeah. I designed for the asteroids to get faster as you collect eggs to simulate that "end is near" feeling. At 50 the asteroids start to spawn at every tick. I think I will set a lowest possible spawn rate.