"Mono Grav" is a one button speed-running game where you must guide an astronaut through an abandoned space station that is overrun by aliens. 

CONTROLS -  One button, any button (keyboard or mouse).

On your way home from a space mission your ship started having some engine troubles. Luckily a space station was nearby, but upon approach you realise the space station is no longer operational. Inside, you find pink alien scavengers on patrol -  hungry!  Go on with no gravity, you must rocket your way around the station with only a small booster pack to collect parts to repair your ship. There are 10 levels. How fast can you get through the space station?

This game was made for BOUNDLESS JAM hosted by Reece Geofroy.

Mono Grav was made by - 

Spacespy - Main programmer, secondary level design.

Mr.ChickenBoy - Secondary programmer, main level design.

clonethirteen - Art, Music, and Sound FX.

To make this game we used Construct 3, Aseprite, FL Studio, Rytmik.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorsclonethirteen, Spacespy, MrChickenBoy
Made withConstruct
Tagsconstruct-3, Pixel Art, Space, Speedrun


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Congrats on Winning #3 in the Boundless Game Jam!! DM me on Discord for your prize! :)
My Discord: ReeceGeofroy#5090

Nice game - Beatiful art, good music/sfx and game idea. I have some difficul, but probably it's my lack of reflex. (Idk more what say, it very good, hahaha)

I would be so grateful if you test my game: https://linces.itch.io/no-certain-direction. Thanks you anyway by making this amazing game.

Got addicted really quickly.

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The best game I played this year. Loved the concept and art style. Good job with the music too.

Lovely game, and very fun too!


What a great concept, awesome art and juice. Congrats on such a great game and good luck with the jam :)

Thanks Sid Fish. Glad you liked it.


You guys did great.

Thank you :D

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Thanks a lot Smokeback!

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Love the visuals and gameplay.


Thank you! Also big thank you for your playthrough on YT and the article on your website. It really means a lot.

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i love this game :D

Thank you!! <3


This game is amazing, The concept is amazing and so is the art,level design and music. So much juice as well.11/10

WOW! Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the game. Its been a long week putting it together.


really nice game!

Thanks DNbKeL217!


wow this game is amazing, the art, the music, the level disign, the consept. its really good, 10/10. my favorite game so far for the jam


Thank you!! <3

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Great game! I love the simplicity, and the intuitiveness of it! Great job clone, space and chickenboy! Also the art is AMAZING!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks BBomb! <3